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Materials Recovery Facilities Livingston

Livingston Waste Management processes stuff by means of a network of UK Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs).
Our main MRF is place on a 9.2 acre site at Bow, London. The facility processes a range of mixed recyclables from both the private and municipal sector including:

Combined plastics, PET, HDPE, Movie
Aluminium and ferrous cans

The 24 hour facility is capable of processing up to 2400 tonnes of stuff a week, and reclaiming over 95% of the accumulated materials.

The MRF’s modern layout means that there’s excellent road access and no waiting time for vehicles unloading.
We’re dedicated to discovering new markets for the stuff we process and wherever possible we try to work with UK reprocessors.

There comes a time when we recognise that we’ve got more junk in our home, garage and/or garden than is acceptable. That recognition prompts a panic that we’ve got to do something about junking the junk before the situation gets worse.

Finally, that anxiety gives way to anger — with the situation (which, naturally, is getting worse), with the junk and with ourselves for not having done something about it already.

The fury gives way to hate — of the specific situation, the junk and ourselves — and that results in anguish. At the very least it’s deterring and debilitating. At worst, it’s depressing.

Thankfully, there’s a simple and extremely powerful means for you to turn from this Black Side: to Livingston Waste Management, speak. Our Force — containing two-man teams – powerful is.

Livingston Waste Management’s Environment Agency licensed, fully trained and covered teams are always:
Uncomplicated, completely professional, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly, our teams take the strain and hassle out of eliminating your junk.

Freephone: 0131 610 1280

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