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There comes a time when we recognise that we’ve got more junk in our home, garage and/or garden than is acceptable. That recognition prompts a panic that we’ve got to do something about junking the junk before the situation gets worse.

Finally, that anxiety gives way to anger — with the situation (which, naturally, is getting worse), with the junk and with ourselves for not having done something about it already.

The fury gives way to hate — of the specific situation, the junk and ourselves — and that results in anguish. At the very least it’s deterring and debilitating. At worst, it’s depressing.

Thankfully, there’s a simple and extremely powerful means for you to turn from this Black Side: to Livingston Waste Management, speak. Our Force — containing two-man teams – powerful is.

Livingston Waste Management’s Environment Agency licensed, fully trained and covered teams are always:
Uncomplicated, completely professional, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly, our teams take the strain and hassle out of eliminating your junk.

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