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Hazardous Waste Management Livingston

Place your waste with a company that is knowledgeable about compliance and can properly handle it. We are experts in the collection, disposal, treatment, and recovery of hazardous waste. We have the necessary permits to handle a wide range of hazardous waste, including solvents, medical waste, clinical waste, and cleaning chemicals, to name a few. We’ll also provide you with free containers and deliver them to your location at no cost to you. We have a team of certified employees who will ensure that your hazardous trash is properly handled and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. You can call us on 01316 101 280

Hazardous waste generated by businesses might pose health risks and have a detrimental influence on the environment if we don’t have effective and efficient waste management solutions.

What is Hazardous Waste?

Hazardous waste have poisonous qualities, are chemically reactive, or may be corrosive.

 When handling hazardous materials, care must be taken not to harm people or the environment. Industrial activities such as chemical manufacturing and production are the primary producers of hazardous waste. Depending on the type of hazardous waste, it may appear as solid, liquid, sludge, or gas. When stored, transported, treated, or disposed of improperly, these compounds could cause harm.

Groundwater resources and surface waters are regularly polluted by improper handling and disposal of hazardous waste, as well as hazardous land pollution. Worldwide, hazardous waste management has become a major issue. Our employees at Livingstone Company are fully trained and prepared to manage hazardous waste without endangering anyone or anything.

Proper Hazardous Waste Management 

The first step to properly handle hazardous waste is to make sure nothing is coming into contact with it which could cause a reaction. Landfills are especially unstable for hazardous waste disposal. Fires caused by the release of toxic gases from burning flammable material in landfills, as an example, could result in deadly consequences. Make sure that your hazardous waste does not end up in landfills by contacting a waste management company like us here at Livingstone Waste business. Your hazardous waste will be disposed of properly by our company. In compliance with our zero landfill policy, we do not dispose of any of the waste we collect in landfills.

We will recycle it using one of these three options: burning under strict supervision, treating it to eliminate toxicity, or recycling.

Hazardous Waste Recycling Livingston

A variety of methods can be used to manage hazardous waste. It would be ideal if we could reduce waste at the source or recycle the materials every chance we get. In spite of the fact that trash reduction and recycling are desirable solutions, they are not the only solutions for hazardous waste disposal. Hazardous waste will always need to be stored, treated, or disposed of in some manner.

Chemical, thermal, biological, and physical procedures can all be used to treat hazardous waste. Ion exchange, precipitation, oxidation and reduction, and neutralization are all chemical techniques. High-temperature incineration is one of the thermal technologies that may not only cleanse but also destroy the toxic elements. Thermal equipment is used to burn waste that is solid, liquid, or sludge in various forms. Fluidized-bed incinerators, multiple-hearth furnaces, rotary kilns, and liquid-injection incinerators are among them. However, the possibility for air pollution is one issue that hazardous-waste incineration poses.

Nevertheless, this method is still better than landfills. Here at Livingston, we prefer disposing of the hazardous waste we collect via recycling methods as these are the safest options. Don’t hesitate to give us a call now.

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