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Glass Waste Disposal Livingstone

When it comes to socialism, drinks are very important. Drinking is a universal language that cuts across all cultures and all classes.Glass waste should not hinder this social norm due to ineffective waste management practises. That is why here at Livingstone waste we pride ourselves with being the best glass waste waste disposal service provider. We can be reached at 01316 101 280. 

It is true that glass takes decades to decompose. As a result, you need to have proper glass waste management practises with the help of a professional glass waste recycling company to properly dispose of your glass waste. There is no better place for you than here at Leicester Waste. We pride ourselves in our professionalism, efficiency and cost-effective glass waste solutions we offer.

Glass Waste Collection Livingstone

Glass waste must, in most cases, be regularly collected. Due to its size and weight it can be challenging to store on site. We collaborate with our clients to establish a unique collection schedule and deliver appropriate sized containers in high turnover industries such as pubs, restaurants, and nightclubs.

Once we have collected your glass, we can ensure that your glass is given new life by sorting, cleaning and transmitting it to glass recycling centres for further recovery. Please contact our friendly team to see how we can save you money and minimize your environmental impact on your company. Based on your needs, we will visit your location on the pick-up days you have designated.

Many businesses who want to recycle more glass waste have the challenge of finding enough room to store it between collections. Our glass collection is done seven days a week. By doing so, we can make sure that your bins are able to handle the amount of glass waste being collected each week, while also making sure that your collection schedule is convenient for you.

Glass Waste Disposal Livingstone

Did you know that glass can be melted down and recycled indefinitely without compromising its quality? It’s the ideal material for a circular economy, and everyone should try to recycle as much glass waste as possible. Glass waste recycling helps companies reduce the overall cost of commercial waste disposal while also having a positive impact on the environment. In addition to lowering waste disposal costs for businesses, recycling glass waste is beneficial to the environment.

Every tonne of re-melted glass reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 246 kg. Melting recycled glass uses less energy than processing raw materials to manufacture new glass bottles and jars. For every ton of glass recycled, almost a ton of natural resources is saved. A Livingstone Waste, we can ensure that your used glass is returned as a new product to the shelves within a month. Glass garbage recycling can transform the original product into something altogether different or very similar to what it was before. Typically, glass waste is recycled into:

  • Glass bottles 
  • and jars, 
  • as well as glass wool for insulation

The glass that cannot be necessarily recycled can be reused for construction purposes. 

Types of Glass That Cannot be Recycled?

Bottles and jars made of glass are completely recyclable. When recycling centers sort the glass by color, they are better equipped to help manufacturers match the color standards required by glass containers.

Because of the numerous methods they are created to make them stronger or heat resistant, some types of glass, such as window glass, light bulbs, and Pyrex dishes, cannot be recycled.

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