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Commercial Waste Management Whitburn

Whitburn is a tiny town in West Lothian, Scotland, located around 23 miles east of Glasgow and 22 miles west of Edinburgh, Scotland’s two main cities. Bathgate (4 miles) and Livingston (6 miles) are the nearest large towns. Originally, it was a tiny agricultural and weaving settlement centered around a burn that ran through the area. The town was also formerly home to the well-known Levi Strauss apparel company, which produced 4 million pairs of jeans per year at its peak. Unfortunately, it, too, closed its doors in 1999, dealing yet another blow to the community. Today, however, an expanded business park with retail and recreation space has been built, and new housing is being built, surrounded by open green spaces and walking and cycling paths.

Manufacturing and construction are the most common sources of employment in the town, which has a few modest enterprises in the construction sector. In addition, health and social work services are very active. Whitburn’s diverse collection of gift shops, florists, jewelers, cafés, restaurants or pubs as well as construction and manufacturing, are attracting both locals and visitors, but they’re also boosting the demand for commercial waste management. Fortunately, Livingston Waste Management’s dedicated comprehensive waste management business offers customers unique on-site choices for their businesses. For additional information, please contact us at 0131 610 1280.

Commercial Waste Collection Whitburn

Livingstone Waste Management specializes in waste management and waste collection and processing that is both sustainable and environmentally conscientious, with 100 percent of waste collected being diverted from landfill. We provide a commercial waste bin collection service and the appropriate bin size for your company’s needs. Furthermore, we:

  • Provide frequency of collection that is appropriate for your own waste management.
  • If you’re short on space, we offer a bag collection service.
  • Provide containers for different types of waste.
  • Offer complete recycling service to ensure zero waste goes to landfill.
  • Offer free waste audits. 

Essentially, our waste collection services provide efficient waste solutions as a means of ensuring long-term sustainability. Further, we believe that responsible waste handling is crucial to socioeconomic, environmental, and global sustainability. Whitburn’s Polkemmet Country Park is a big hit with locals and tourists alike. It has a golf course and driving range, a bowling green, picnic and barbeque spaces, play areas, a restaurant, an information center, and plenty of paths to keep everyone entertained. Without proper waste management, this park would be crawling with waste.

Commercial Waste Disposal Whitburn

Waste Management and recycling services are provided by Livingstone Waste Management, including business waste disposal, commercial and domestic skip hire, and tipping services. By recycling, your company sends a strong message to its employees and consumers that it is an environmentally responsible company. By collecting and redirecting as much waste as possible, we ensure that recycling benefits your company and our common environment.

Whether you are a restaurant in Main street or a hotel in East Main Street or even based at Murraysgate Industrial Estate, at Livingstone Waste Management, we have everything for everyone and can handle all types of waste disposals. We can dispose of waste via recycling or composting. We recycle waste such as plastic, glass, paper, cardboard, electrical equipment, food and compost organic waste. Just give us a call. For residents, please take your waste to:

Whitburn Recycling Centre

Dixon Terrace

Burnhouse Industrial Estate


EH47 0LQ

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