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Livingston Waste Management offers an all-inclusive waste collection service for all general waste types along with the bulk of dangerous waste disposal. When specialist waste collection and treatment is needed you can depend on us to liaise with our national network of partners to arrange this for you.

All accumulated waste is processed at one of our recovery centres to make certain the most retrieval of reusable and recycled material.

Licensed to gather, treat and dispose of many kinds of hazardous waste, we’re specialists in contaminated soils and asbestos disposal. It’s possible for you to trust our wisdom and expertise to ensure which you are satisfying Duty of Care legislation. We can organize all lab investigation and provide help and advice for the conclusion of hazardous waste transfer notes and hazardous waste regulations. We’ve got direct access to dangerous treatment centres, hazardous waste landfills and high temperature incinerators. We provide a variety of secure containers for the safe storage of these waste types.

Livingston Waste Management can help your organisation meet the requirements of laws, codes of practice and other standards, ensuring your company is compliant and environmentally responsible. We offer advice, guidance and support on all aspects of environmental compliance including pollution prevention, emissions control and waste management. Our conformity clients comprise waste management companies, financial services, telecommunications and IT services, chemical plants. Our environmental compliance services comprise:

We also provide a bespoke dangerous waste disposal service to any or all spheres of business, including the waste management business itself. Our services range from the provision of advice regarding the most cost effective and legally compliant waste management systems to the project management of website clearances. Comprised within that extent are the following practical examples of where our specialist knowledge of the business has helped other organisations.

All our enquires are followed from cradle to grave by the same individual, in that manner we can make sure that the service you ask for is the service that you just get, and that the invoice follows that service features all the information which you require to complete your duty of care audit trail.

Our collections are carried out to suit your schedule, and in case your schedule permits we’ll even reduce the price if you’re able to meet our schedule. We will forward as a matter of course complete duplicates of disposal site licenses and accompanying weighbridge tickets. If website audits are required we’ll arrange and see you, we’ll even provide a bespoke audit survey to ensure all aspects of the audit can be completed.

Over 50 years collective hazardous waste business expertise
Same individual who lists and assess the load will tag and oversee the collection
Size of collection begins from less than 25 litres and extends to a total 26 pallet load
Coverage across West Lothian

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